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Pensions in Europe

6 maart 2012

‘Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?’ Henry Kissinger’s (alleged) remark highlights an issue that multinational companies often face when doing business in the European Union (EU): the EU is a single economic market but it is also a single market of 27 sovereign states. Although the EU is a common economic space, it is not a common social space. The EU member states share many common rules, but they seldom implement them in exactly the same way. Each EU country is responsible for its own social and labour law and, in addition, regardless of legal differences, people are often simply accustomed to doing things differently from their neighbouring countries.

The AEGON Global Pensions white paper looks at what multinational companies perceive to be the major issues facing them today with their pensions in Europe, examines what the companies are doing now to improve the management and control of their pensions in Europe and how they are preparing for the future. In addition, the paper examines what the European Commission is doing to help multinational companies, and concludes with five short guidelines on how to assess possible ways to take advantage of cross-border opportunities in Europe. Throughout the white paper, we make use of insights (and quotations) provided by our interviewees.

For the AEGON Global Pensions click on the document: pensions in europe.pdf